Zippie - Now using digital currency is easy for everyone

Now using digital currency is easy for everyone

Let’s face it, using cryptocurrency can be a real headache. It’s difficult to spend, to send and to store. The Zippie platform has changed all that. Combined with the Zippie Card, it takes just a couple of taps for smartphone users to enjoy all the benefits of the blockchain without any of the hassle.

And this is just the beginning.

Ultimately, Zippie will bring the benefits of Dapps and Web 3 to the masses too. Order your Zippie Card filled with tokens today and join the journey.

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For users

Zippie makes storing and sending digital currencies, such as ether, easier than ever. Using your Zippie Card, it takes just a single tap to your phone to confirm large payments. NFC technology ensures that only you can move your funds.

To guarantee maximum security, convenience and control, your private key is split automatically between your phone and safe cloud storage.

Zippie provides you the only identity and wallet you need to use decentralized apps. There’s no installations, no plugins and no downloads. Just a few taps and you’re good to go. Importantly, you fully control your identity and funds.

With Zippie, you’ll also soon be able to start earning digital currencies simply by using your phone. Whether it’s earning bonuses for online purchases or voluntarily sharing your data, you’ll be able to use your bonuses for purchases or convert them to cash.

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And earn up to 5,000 Zippie tokens (~$500 today)

For partners

Turn customers
into a community

Zippie’s far more than an identity, wallet and card. It’s a full-stack Web3 mobile platform, which can be easily integrated to any Android smartphone.

Together with local ecommerce players, as a smartphone vendor, mobile operator or internet company you can boost user loyalty and ARPU with Zippie’s white-label blockchain phone solution.

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For Dapp developers

Make magical Web 3 experiences for the world

Zippie platform will work with all Dapps. If you want to reach new audiences, you’ll soon be able to add your Dapp to Zippie with our simple APIs. Once done, your Dapp will be available to every Zippie user on the planet, including our licensing partners.

This means you can focus on the most important thing - your users.

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Services & APIs

One identity across all apps

Automated private key
handling with key split

Cost-efficient personal
multisig e.g. with biometrics
and pin code

Automated Ethereum

Isolated vault for sensitive data

Reward engine for online
purchases and user tasks

Frictionless and decentralized
token exchange

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Working for an open and decentralized world

We believe open and decentralized technology is the future. Consequently, Zippie is purpose-built for emerging open technologies such as Ethereum and IPFS. Our aim is simple: To empower a fairer, peer-to-peer “human web”. To help ensure our vision becomes reality, the Zippie token fuels the platform by incentivising our community. To see how it works, why not join us on our journey.