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Community program whitelist closed

Zippie community program whitelist is now closed after reaching 5,000 participants. There won't be a crowdsale. Read more here.

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Introducing Zippie

The Zippie mobile platform makes blockchain-based services easy to use for anyone.

In Phase 1, Zippie will be a simple crypto wallet allowing everyday smartphone users to safely and easily manage their cryptocurrencies, private keys and digital identity.

In Phase 2, Zippie will enable access to core blockchain-based services such as peer-to-peer financial services, storage, and messaging in an easy and intuitive way. However, with Zippie the user retains full control of their identity, transactions and data.

Zippie's key features:

1. Simple & safe crypto wallet

Paper wallets, scams, confusing interfaces - the current private key experience is far from user friendly. Zippie turns a smartphone into an everyday hardware wallet by decentralizing private key storage with Shamir’s Secret Sharing. Users can easily confirm transactions using familiar mobile verification methods, while remaining in complete control of their private keys.

2. Easy access to blockchain-based services

There are hundreds of dapps which each require separate tokens, wallets and identities. With Zippie, users can access decentralized services through one interface, identity and wallet. Token transactions between services happen seamlessly in the background.

3. Isolation from the phone's operating system

Building the decentralized world on top of the current data hungry mobile operating systems is like building your house on quicksand. With Zippie, the user decides which personal data to share and with whom. Zippie works in full isolation from the phone’s original operating system, for example Android, so the operating system can’t access or intercept the user's data and transactions without permission.

4. Zippie tokens as rewards for loyalty

Zippie (ZIPT) is the utility token which powers the Zippie platform. Users earn Zippie tokens as a reward for actively using apps. Users can then spend Zippie tokens in a variety of ways, for example ZIPT can be used for in-app purchases or discounts. Users can also access premium features by holding Zippie tokens.

Launching in early 2018

Zippie aims to launch in April 2018. After an initial pilot phase with early adopters, people around the world will be able to use Zippie with their smartphones.

Our partners:

Team of mobile pioneers who can deliver

Zippie core team consists of founders and former executives of the Finnish mobile company Jolla, where the team developed and brought to market an independent mobile operating system, Sailfish OS, and several mobile devices.

Dr. Antti Saarnio, CEO & Founder

Co-founder and Chairman of Jolla.  Emerging markets and investment management at KPMG, Accenture and East Partners. Dr.Tech. in Strategic Investments.


Carsten Munk, CTO & Co-founder

Founder of Mer and author of Hybris open source projects. Pioneering work on Linux and Android stacks for Nokia and Jolla. Team’s blockchain lead. M.Sc. in Computer Science.


Pasi Rusila, COO & Co-founder

Former head of products and business development at Jolla and business developer at VTT. Have built and launched several mobile products. M.Sc. in Industrial Management.


Tom Swindell, Principal Software Engineer

10+ years software work for mobile companies such as Nokia and Jolla. Expertise include telephony, VoIP, middleware, hardware adaptations, C, C++, and Solidity/Ethereum.


Jason Lam, CFO

Former CFO of two Hong Kong stock-listed companies NUR and China Fortune, the first distributor of Nokia phones in China. BBA in Business Administration.


Vincent Cheung, Chief of Hardware

Former head of Motorola worldwide CDMA & ODM quality, COO of E28 pioneering Linux mobile company. MBA & Stanford Certified Project Manager.


Annika Hiltunen, Legal & BD

Entrepreneur with 7+ years experience of developing and protecting brands in the Asian markets. LL.M. in Law & Common Law.


Marc Dillon, Ambassador

Head of software at Zen Robotics. Previously Co-founder and COO of Jolla, 10+ years in various software positions at Nokia.


Teemu Päivinen, Advisor
Currently Spacegrade and Zeppelin Solutions, Founder & Chairman of Entrepreneur and investor focused on blockchain and governance.


Matthew Graham, Advisor

Founder and CEO at Sino Global Capital. Bridging technology with China investors and partners with years of investment management experience. 


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