Experience the blockchain

Get set up with a crypto wallet in just ten seconds to transact in cryptocurrency, use decentralized applications and receive crypto cashback from online shopping – All with zero downloads or extensions.

Zippie’s e-cheque allows you to send cryptocurrencies as a simple web link through any instant messenger or SMS

Zippie works in your browser, requiring no downloads to access your very own cryptocurrency wallet

By shopping through Zippie’s integrated marketplace, you earn cryptocurrency cashback from all of your purchases

Take your user experience to the next level with the Zippie Card - simply tap and confirm any payment

Simple and beautiful, integrated with everything you need


Earn tokens from one decentralized application and spend them in another. Receive cryptocurrency cashbacks from shopping. Send some cryptocurrency to your friends. Our easy to use wallet is always there for you, integrated into your experience.

An entire universe of decentralized apps at your fingertips


Discover and use decentralized applications that don’t collect and sell your data to the highest bidder without your consent. Instead get rewarded for using your favorite “dApps” and take part in a more fair, more fun ecosystem of distributed applications.

Cryptocurrency cashback from online shopping


Earning cryptocurrency has never been easier. By doing your regular online shopping through the Zippie marketplace, you are rewarded for every purchase with up to 5 % cashback, paid in cryptocurrency directly to your Zippie wallet.

Your truly private digital identity

Personal ID

Keep your identity private and only disclose what is needed with the Zippie ID - Your personal, isolated and secure data vault that keeps you in the driver’s seat of your data, while providing you with access to every decentralized application with a single identity.

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Take your experience to the next level with Zippie Card

Confirm your payments with a single tap, recover your identity and pair multiple devices to your Zippie ID with the NFC enabled Zippie Card, now available for purchase on our site.

Have a dApp?

Sign in with Zippie

With a few lines of code added to your dApp, get rid of friction and enable user onboarding to your decentralized application in 10 seconds. No downloads, extensions, written down private keys or memorized 12 words needed - That is the power of Zippie.

To learn more about our solution, read the Zippie whitepaper. Available for download below.