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Zippie Card Benefits

Best user experience

Take your Zippie experience to the next level with the Zippie Card. With the NFC enabled, beautiful card that fits into your wallet, you'll be able to confirm payments with a single tap without having to memorize passwords or pin codes. You will also be able to onboard multiple devices onto your personal Zippie ID by tapping the card to any new device's NFC receptor.

Increased security

Using the Card to confirm payments works as 2-factor authentication and prevents anyone else from sending funds out of your wallet in case you lose your Zippie connected device. In the case of a lost device, the Card also makes the recovery of your account as simple as tapping the NFC receptor of your new device with the card.


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Easy to use

After receiving your Zippie Card, pairing it with your device is as simple as 1, 2, 3

Activate NFC on your phone and touch it with your card.*

Follow the easy on-screen steps to create your Zippie ID.

Use your card to confirm payments and recover your ID.

* if your phone doesn’t have NFC, scan the code from the back of your card with or any QR scanner app.

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Secure the contents of your wallet and make sending payments a breeze. Get the best in user experience and asset security with your very own Zippie Card.