Bringing Blockchain to the Masses

Blockchain technology should be an enabler that anyone can derive enjoyment and benefit from. This is our driving mantra at Zippie.

This will be Economy 3.0, the true sharing economy, and Blockchain-powered mobile devices will take us there.

Dr. Antti SaarnioCEO & Co-founder

Our team

Dr. Antti Saarnio

CEO & Co-founder

Co-founder and former Chairman of Jolla/Sailfish OS - the only independent OS alternative for Android and iOS today.

Carsten Munk

CTO & Co-founder

Pioneering work on Linux/Android stacks for Nokia and as Jolla CTO. Founder of Mer mobile open source project.

Pasi Rusila

COO & Co-founder

Head of products and business development at Jolla, built and launched several products and partnerships.

Mikko Pyykkö

VP, Sales (operators & OEMs)

Experienced sales professional with vast experience in senior sales environments within telecoms and high-end technology.

Jaakko Roppola


10 years experience in UI and UX design from Lifelearn, Jolla and Linja.

Patrik Akerlund


UI, UX, Web3 & smart contract developer & Co-Founder at BautaBit.

Ru Cindrea

Test Lead

Software tester and consultant with over 10 years of experience testing apps and building automation.

Julius Nurmi

Operations & Support

Internal operations, Customer care and testing expert with background from Jolla and international IT consulting.

Osmo Korri

VP, Sales (internet businesses)

Commercial scale-up leader and former Head of Sales, MEA at Opera Software and several other fast-growing tech companies.

Tom Swindell


10+ years of software work for mobile companies such as Nokia and Jolla.

Magnus Bondesson


UI, UX, Web3 & smart contract developer & Co-Founder at BautaBit.

Steph Gosling


Technologist with 20 years experience with linux/devops/automation in multiple verticals. 10 years in the cloud(s).

Annika Hiltunen

Legal & Business Development

Legal and business development specialist with years of experience in developing and protecting brands.

Mio Quispe

Frontend Developer

Frontend specialist with a background in Interaction design.

Lewis Rockliffe


Backend developer with software engineer experience from companies such as BHP Billiton.

Vincent Cheung

Chief of Hardware

Former head of Motorola worldwide CDMA & ODM quality.

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