Frequently Asked Questions


What makes Zippie special?

With Zippie, anyone with a smartphone to get a crypto wallet in just ten seconds to transact in cryptocurrency, use decentralized applications, and receive crypto cashback from online shopping - all with zero downloads or complex tech jargon. See more in our website.

What is Zippie Card?

Zippie Card is an optional accessory for Zippie users which enables you to confirm payments with a single tap without having to memorize passwords or pin codes. The card works as 2-factor authentication and prevents anyone else from sending funds out of your wallet in case you lose your Zippie connected device.

If you lose your device, Zippie Card also makes the recovery of your account as simple as tapping the card to your new NFC-enabled device.

The card is made using industry standard smart cards. Similar cards are used by banks, for example, as credit cards. The technology is proven and widely used.

You can order Zippie Card through our website.

Who stores my private key?

In short: part of your key is stored in your device, and part in Zippie’s online service. Only you as the device and Zippie ID holder can utilize the key in full.

In detail: your main cryptographic identity (mnemonic) is never fully stored on your device, but is split up through Shamir’s secret sharing and stored partially on your device and partially to Zippie online service (we aim to provide also other online/distributed storage options in the future). This second piece of the split secret is encrypted with a key only available on the device. Upon Zippie vault initialization, the pieces are put together and decrypted with a device-specific key, ideally hosted in the devices’ security chip. See more in our whitepaper.

How can I make my Zippie more secure?

You can get the Zippie Card here, which works as 2-factor authentication and prevents anyone else from sending funds out of your wallet in case you lose your Zippie connected device.

Which blockchains and tokens Zippie supports?

Zippie uses the Ethereum blockchain as it is production-ready, has significant developer support and is evolving with fast pace. Currently, Zippie supports ETH and ERC20 and ERC721 tokens.

At the same time, Zippie is designed to be blockchain agnostic. We aim that dApps using any blockchain can be integrated to the Zippie OS. We also aim to support other popular coins and tokens in the future.


What are Zippie tokens (ZIPT)?

Zippie token is an Ethereum ERC20 utility token which grants access to key services around Zippie OS, and is used to reward active users and developers. See more in our Whitepaper.

What is Zippie?

Zippie is a mobile OS aiming to bring blockchain to the masses so that anyone can derive enjoyment and benefit from the power of peer-to-peer value exchange.

What if I lose my Zippie connected phone?

You can recover your Zippie ID and wallet to another device by either through the Zippie Card or the buddy recovery feature.


Zippie Card makes the recovery of your account as simple as tapping the card to your new NFC-enabled device.


The buddy recovery feature is under development and is intended to work through a user’s Zippie contact database. The feature allows the possibility for other Zippie users to help authenticate a user’s real-life identity in order to let them recover their Zippie ID.

With your new device, you will be also able to ban your previous device from accessing your Zippie ID. See more in our whitepaper.


How can I get ZIPT?

ZIPT is currently available on IDEX and Bancor Network.

You might also be able to earn ZIPT rewards by doing tasks or participating to competitions - watch out for announcements in our MediumTelegram and Twitter

How can I get discounts and benefits by holding ZIPT?

Our ZIPT-based loyalty program is currently under development. Stay tuned for updates in our BlogTelegramTwitter and Reddit.


Who is Zippie?

Zippie was established in 2016 by a group of passionate tech pioneers who envisioned a global peer-to-peer sharing economy powered by the combination of mobile and blockchain. The core team consists of former team members of the Finnish mobile companies Jolla and Nokia. At Jolla, the team developed and launched several mobile devices and Sailfish OS, the only commercialized and independent alternative to Android today. For most up to date information regarding the Zippie team, see our team page.

Where can I authenticate things about Zippie the company and its team?

Zippie Hong Kong Limited (a Hong Kong company) existence: Hong Kong Companies Registry -> unregistered user -> “the search(es) is / are conducted to ascertain (1) whether the searcher is dealing with a company or its directors or other officers, in matters of or connected with any act of the company;” -> accept -> search -> company name -> company name: zippie -> search, where you’ll find us as CR number 2375906


The different people involved in the project can be found from our team page and searched from LinkedIn; whom have well-connected, well-established profiles. Googling our names will also show up a lot of entries relating to our pasts.


We are happy to discuss anything you might find that worries you, just ping the admins on our Telegram.

I don’t believe X as mentioned in the whitepaper will work. Why aren’t you doing Y?

Join our Telegram and strike up a conversation about X! We are planning for Zippie platform to be developed not only by ourselves but also the network of contributors and community around it. We don’t know everything but it may very well be that your particular Y is the puzzle piece that makes it all come together.