Some of you Zippies have been asking about the community program we launched back in February: How do I join? How do I get Zippie token rewards? Why are there several whitelists? and so on.

With this feedback in mind, and as our product development is progressing well on schedule, we’ve decided to simplify the ways our community can participate in building and promoting Zippie products.

From today onwards, you can join the Zippie product community and earn up to 5,000 Zippie tokens (worth ~$500 today) by doing the following:

1. Purchase the Zippie Card

500 ZIPT
A limited number of 5,000 Zippie Cards are now available for purchase by everyone from the Zippie Shop. You’ll get 500 Zippie tokens preloaded onto the card.

2. Promote Zippie on social media

1,000 ZIPT bonus
After purchasing the Zippie Card, you can earn 1,000 more Zippie tokens by sharing #Zippie content on Twitter and/or Facebook during May-June. Sign up here.

3. Refer the Zippie Card to your friends

Up to 3,500 ZIPT bonus
After purchasing the Zippie Card, within days you’ll receive a referral link in your email. Anyone purchasing the card through this link will earn you an additional 500 Zippie tokens (up to 3,500 tokens).

In addition to getting the Zippie Card and receiving up to 5,000 ZIPT, community members purchasing the card will have priority access to our wider Alpha release in June.

Of course, everyone’s welcome to join our Telegram community even without purchasing the card. However, it would be fantastic if you do get one and begin sharing your invaluable feedback with us. And if you’ve bought one already, big thanks!