As an early community member, you can earn ZIPT airdrops by testing the Zippie product and raising awareness about the Zippie project around the globe.


Our first airdrop is simple: Get the Zippie Card, share #Zippie content on social media and earn 1,000 ZIPT. In addition, we have a surprise rewards for the top 3 “Zippies of the month” with most retweets and shares!


How to participate

1. Order Zippie Card from the Zippie Shop to be eligible for the bounty
2. Sign up below with the same email address you used for ordering the Zippie Card
3. Join our Telegram and follow Zippie on Twitter and/or Facebook
4. Retweet minimum 15 Zippie’s tweets and/or share Facebook posts which have the hashtag #Zippie by end of June 2018 (see more detailed terms & conditions below)



Terms & Conditions

  • Participant has to be in Zippie Telegram group and follow Zippie in Twitter and/or Facebook by the time campaign finishes
  • Participant has to do minimum 15 retweets or shares during the campaign to be eligible for reward
  • Participant has to purchase Zippie Card from the Zippie Shop to be eligible for reward
  • Maximum 2 tweets or shares per day by the participant are accounted for total count
  • Participant is required to have a minimum of 30 genuine followers (not bots, fake accounts etc.) in Twitter to be eligible for retweet count
  • Using multi-accounts, cheating or spamming is not allowed and will result in banning from the campaign
  • Organizer of the campaign, Zippie Ltd, reserves the right to terminate or change the terms of the campaign at any time